Senior Event Manager at DEBRA, Andrew Colville, contacted Sunseeker London at the beginning of this week to report on the very successful DEBRA City Sporting Challenge held on May 16th.

Twenty-four teams competed in the DEBRA City Sporting Challenge on 16th May at the Royal Berkshire Shooting School.  Hosted by DEBRA Shooting Society President, Richard Purdey, the event raised over £78,000 for the charity. The top two teams were Alfred’s Club and Sunseeker London.

Key sponsors of the event were Sunseeker London, James Purdey & Sons, Plurimi Capital, Stratstone of Mayfair and Aldrich & Company .

The City Sporting Challenge is a major event in DEBRA’s fundraising calendar established with the key support of Sunseeker London and its Directors David Lewis and Christopher Head. Over the past three years the event has raised over £220,000 for DEBRA.

“Sunseeker London has been an active supporter of the DEBRA City Sporting Challenge, having fielded teams in previous years for the event. The Royal Berkshire Shooting School is a fantastic facility and our clients very much look forward to joining the Sunseeker London teams each year. This, combined with the tremendous work that DEBRA do every day, leads us to continue our support for this very worthy cause.”

One of the Sunseeker London shooting teams
2nd Place (by one point!) for the Sunseeker Predators, lead by Christopher Head – second from right

The DEBRA Shooting Society organises shooting competition days and simulated game days with the assistance of James Purdey & Sons, Holland & Holland, the Royal Berkshire Shooting School and the West London Shooting School. The charity DEBRA hosts a number of fundraising events throughout the year to fund pioneering research to find effective treatments and, ultimately, a cure for the very painful genetic skin condition Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). It also provides an enhanced specialist EB Nursing Service in partnership with the NHS and provides social care support to families affected by EB-see

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