This week’s announcement from Boat International that 273 superyachts have been sold in 2013 celebrates the burgeoning global superyacht brokerage market we have seen this year. Breaking the marker of 272 sales set in 2012, this is a significant milestone for the industry as it continues to show resilience against other market trends.

The 30th hull of the ever-popular 40 Metre Yacht will go into production at the Sunseeker International shipyard this year
Hull number 30 of the ever-popular 40 Metre Yacht has just gone into production at the Sunseeker International shipyard

As the largest Sunseeker dealer in the World and the pre-owned division of the Sunseeker London Group, it comes as no surprise that Sunseeker Brokerage has been a significant contributor to the global superyacht brokerage market for a number of years, with heightened activity in the +24m market this season.

Brokerage Director Harry Bristow-Holmes comments; “to date Sunseeker Brokerage has brokered a total of 17 superyacht sales with a further 3 boats under offer and due to complete before the end of the year. This is a marked improvement on our 2012 figures and shows that our constant investment and marketing strategies have been key contributors to the progress we are making in this sector. It is worth noting that to date our excellent team of Sales Brokers have been involved in the sale and completion of over 106 brokerage vessels (12m-40m) across the Sunseeker London Group so far this year.”

Sunseeker London sold 28 Metre Yacht "ZOZO" this year
The sale of 28 Metre Yacht “ZOZO” completed in March with Sunseeker London
Sunseeker 88 Yacht "iFLY" was sold by Sunseeker Monaco and Sunseeker London in June
Sunseeker 88 Yacht “iFLY” was sold by Sunseeker Monaco and Sunseeker London in June
Sunseeker 34 Metre Yacht "ARABELLA"
Sunseeker 34 Metre Yacht “ARABELLA” was sold by Sunseeker London in July

Further signs that Sunseeker continues to be a market leader in new vessels over 24 metres in length are evidenced by the sheer number of new boats under construction and delivered this year within this category. Hull number 30 of our 40 Metre/37 Metre Yacht series has just gone into mould – a remarkable acheivement considering the first hull was moulded only 6 years ago! Our 115 Sport Yacht continues to excel with the next available slot being due for delivery around October/November 2014 (the next 5 boats under construction are sold, including 3 by the Sunseeker London Group).

With the first new 101 Sport Yacht due for launch in 2014 (and what a boat it is) and the second vessel now well under way at the Sunseeker International shipyard, there are positive indications that this model will steal the show at the international boat exhibitions of 2014, and turn the heads of many yachting enthusiasts around the world.

Two 101 Sport Yachts are in build with Sunseeker London and Sunseeker France
Hull numbers 1 and 2 of the Sunseeker 101 Sport Yacht are in build with Sunseeker London and Sunseeker France

Sunseeker London Group Director Christopher Head comments on the significance of the pre-owned yacht sector, “Brokerage is a very important part of our business; it allows our existing customers a way to sell their vessels as well as creating new customers for the future. Our Sunseeker Brokerage division has grown exponentially in recent years and we are extremely pleased with the results our team continues to deliver.”

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